The Brian Jonestown Massacre- “Seven Kinds of Wonderful” from Aufheben (A/A Records)

Even though I can’t make out any of this song’s lyrics, and the music barely changes over its 5:21 runtime, I can’t stop listening to it. There’s something intoxicatingly psychedelic and slightly hypnotic captured within the grooves that reminds me of My Bloody Valentine circa Loveless, but with a Middle Eastern feeling to the melody. It comes from the band’s 13th studio album Aufheben, which is their most consistently appealing release in a decade and well worth a listen. – David Mansdorf

Lambchop- “2B2” from Mr. M (Merge)

Kurt Wagner and Lambchop really found their sound on Mr. M, a languid, introverted place where the wide open spaces allow you to dream along. I’ve played the album to death, but I continue to find new sonic peaks to explore. The one song that begs me to return often is “2B2,” a meditation on connecting with another individual whether it be via the telephone or sleeping side by side. And what is it the two men are cooking near the end of the song? I had the opportunity to ask Wagner recently and his response was “chickpeas.” – David Harris

Action Bronson- “Tapas” from Blue Chips (Fool’s Gold)

Action Bronson raps about food the same way that Clipse rap about cocaine, with a devoted obsessiveness bordering on mania. The former chef drops roughly eight references to cheese on “Tapas” (culminating with a loafer/robiola rhymed couplet) contributing to the impression of the husky-voiced, detail-oriented Bronson as the Ghostface Killah of the food world, complete with a pumping funk beat courtesy of Party Supplies. It’s the capstone on one of the best mixtapes of the year so far. – Jesse Cataldo

Alabama Shakes- “I Found You” (ATO)

“I Found You” is a simple, sincere, decidedly non-ironic love song. The melodic, choppy guitar of Heath Fogg and the Muscle Shoals-inspired production values provide a beautiful bedrock for Brittany Howard’s soulful, soaring lead vocal. There’s a reason this band has gotten so much buzz lately. They sound simultaneously steeped in a rich musical tradition and interested in moving boldly into the future. When Howard sings the lyric, “I’m gonna love you with all of my heart/ And if there is no more time/ This always remains/ Even as the world spins itself apart,” the sentiment is as relevant in today’s uncertain world as it was in the turbulent times that the band is channeling musically. Boys & Girls is full of many catchy, genuine songs, but “I Found You” is perhaps the one that best sums up why Alabama Shakes are catching so many ears. – Jacob Adams

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