Mean Jeans’ Tight New Dimension can be summed up with one word: rad.

Their music is simple, fun, without pretense and can provide the perfect soundtrack to a Pabst Blue Ribbon-sponsored pool party. Now that we’re coming up on summer, there’s not much else required of this trio of Ramones-lovin’ righteous dudes. And, really, if there’s anyone out there who would ask for a smidge more lyrical depth or musical progression from Mean Jeans, well, they’re simply not welcome at this party. They can take their snooty attitudes and go. But they must leave the beers.

Tight New Dimension functions as follows: four power chords, four-note single-string riffs, mid-tempo driving drum beats, affected Joey Ramone-esque vocals and lyrics that are so literal they start off quirky, orbit around clever and splash down into radical waters. Twelve tracks. Twenty-five minutes. One damn good time. That’s it.

Since every tune holds just about the same amount of awesome as every other tune, let’s take a look at the song titles for the highlights. The opener, “Long Dumb Road,” is anything but that. It’s short, sweet, goofy and laments the past by describing—you guessed it—the long dumb road taken to get to the present. “Michael Jackson Was Tight” is, well, you guessed it again, an ode to the late, great Michael Jackson that takes the form of the opening lyric, “Michael Jackson was tight/ I was so sad when he died.

Mean Jeans’ penchant for writing simple songs with simple lyrics continues with “2 Far Out 4 Me,” a tune about a romantic interest being too good for her suitor. “Trash Can” is a song that asserts a need not to be romantically involved with someone any longer, evidenced by the lyrics “I’d rather sleep in a garbage can/ Than go back to holding your hand/ I’d rather be on fire than be with you.” And, of course, the song that tells the truest of truths by asking the simplest of questions: “Are There Beers in Heaven?” I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out the hook on that one.

Truthfully enough, Tight New Dimension doesn’t have a dislikable song on it. But it also isn’t the sort of record that needs to be played over and over again. It’s light, fluffy cotton candy on the boardwalk. It’s something to play in the background of a spirited marathon of drinking games. It’s a pool party record. It doesn’t require thought or analysis, and it would be a total shock if Mean Jeans intended it to be anything else. There’s nothing wrong with a damn good time filled with beers, sunshine and smiles. But, as we all know, those things don’t last forever and neither will the need to listen to Tight New Dimension. It will fade into the recesses of your mind once the leaves start falling from the trees again.

Thing is, summer’s always just right around the corner. And Mean Jeans makes one promise with Tight New Dimension: Whenever you do happen to stumble upon this record on a sun-shiny day surrounded by babes, beers and laughter, everything will be totally rad.

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