Going gleefully ‘80s camp is a logical move for the boys of Two Door Cinema Club, but that decade’s gooey synths and high-stakes melodies have become such a fixture of the current pop landscape that it’s a logical move for pretty much any artist seeking to shake things up. In recent years, everyone from Carly Rae Jepsen to Okkervil River to Blood Orange has repurposed the tropes of America’s most endearingly cheesy musical genre into a captivating new concoction. Still, while Two Door Cinema Club aren’t saying anything particularly profound or putting a truly novel spin on this brand of synth pop, they are having a blast throwing some New Order into their sound.

Gameshow is a breezy 10 track collection that would’ve been ideal as a last gasp of summer late August release, but the synth and lead guitar melodies are so sugary that it works as counterprogramming to the rest of the fall schedule.

Lead single “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” is the album’s most brazen attempt at contemporary indie cool, but its percussive thrust and Alex Trimble’s dramatic vocals make it a sleek slice of Alt Nation-suitable pop. Funnily enough, the track’s video cuts the complete other direction; it looks like one of those late night sketches running on Adult Swim where it takes half of the run time to realize that it’s fake.

From there, the band descends into a glitzy, synthy madness that feels endearingly, joyously dispensable. Gameshow is an album that feels built to be dissected and divvied up into playlists; every song is a $3 mixed drink with different liquor and it really doesn’t matter in what order you consume them because you’ll end up crashing regardless.

“Ordinary” boasts a twitchy bass line and neon synths, along with a hook that sounds cribbed from Hall & Oates. It’s an absurd sounding song that feels silly on the surface but burrows into your brain in a much less invasive way than most pop records.

Always skilled at stripping their tunes down to the essentials, “Lavender” finds Two Door Cinema Club riding a jolt of sharp, distorted chord stabs that provide a pleasing and grounding weight against the song’s abstract galactic lyrics.

“Surgery” is indebted to Local Natives (who underwent a synth-centric tectonic shift on their latest record, too) with its lilting, harmonized hook. Trimble is comfortable stretching into his upper range, and does so quite frequently on Gameshow, giving the entire record a cheeky, operatic sheen.

None of the other songs are necessarily misses, save for “Invincible” which sounds like an unfinished Shura reference track, because it’s pretty hard to mess up massive major chords and clean, crisp guitar. The problem is that they are interchangeable and dispensable, while also not being all that different from Gameshow’s highlights.

All in all, Two Door Cinema Club’s third LP has enough pop juice that at least a couple of these tracks should make for indulgent guilty pleasures. It doesn’t offer much else, but you go to these guys expecting something sweet between meals, not to be fully satiated.

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