Alina Baraz accomplished a lot with last year’s The Color of You EP. Thanks to her smoky, smooth voice and choice cut of productions, the project successfully encapsulates the Cleveland, Ohio native’s wispy R&B shtick. She wields a clear yet understated voice that melds easily to all sorts of styles and genres. Naturally, it warrants a remix set, but The Color of You Remixes only provides fans with a few reworked successes and a few forgettable cuts.

Ryan Riback’s version of the Khalid duet “Electric” opens the record with house pianos and a pulsing beat that. Much like other tracks here, feels suited for the warmer months to come. Filous’ remix of “Floating,” another Khalid track, adds beach vibes to an already summer-soaked track. The instrumental break that follows the chorus lulls and engulfs you like the waves of the ocean. Although Baraz hails from the chilled, lake-effect-ridden shores of Lake Erie, but she captures the balmy vibe of California quite well.

Unfortunately, while the remixes all sound fine, especially for fans of the original release, few others stand out. “I Don’t Even Know Why Though” already feels cumbersome as it is, and two remix attempts, by Anna of the North and Qrion, can’t do much to save it, though the latter comes close by chopping up Baraz’s vocals. One wishes that “Fallin’,” a better song with more potential had been given one of this track’s spots. If one goes to remixes for a new spin on something familiar, Laxcity’s remix of “High” fails, too–it sounds too much like songs that came before it such as Doja Cat’s “So High.”

That said, a second flip of “High” inverts the initial dazed sentimentality typical of conflating lust and intoxication. Using elements that recall early Disclosure, Nick AM lets the listener chase a different type of high, the rush of a dance floor in the deep of the night. Based on much of her previous work, listeners know Baraz specializes in languid, syrupy slow music, and successful remixes of her work should re-configure it to something more upbeat with a bit of staccato. While the “I Don’t Even. . .” and Laxcity remixes are not necessarily bad songs, they fail to add transform the originals in a significant way. Which leaves the Riback, filous and Nick AM flips, strong enough for B-sides but not enough to carry even an EP.The Color of You Remixes is a pleasant retread of Baraz’s already solid project, though only a few of them are worth a replay.

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