Donald Trump may just be the absolute worst president in U.S. history. As the novel coronavirus threatens to upend the world as we know it, would things have been different if Trump hadn’t spent the last three years shredding Barack Obama’s social reforms, insulting and alienating our allies, making a mockery of our political system while using it for personal gain and stripping people in need and immigrants of their rights? We don’t really know but if you believe journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig’s thorough account of Trump’s work in the nation’s capital, it’s hard to think of a worse person to lead the country right now.

Culled from more than 200 different sources, A Very Stable Genius is a crash course reminder of all the horrible shit Trump has done and we’ve either collectively given him a pass or forgotten about it. Do you remember his speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree? Or when he went into a room more or less alone with Putin, a tyrant that Trump admires, in Helsinki? The book doesn’t even touch on moments like when the president mocked a disabled reporter. There are just too many to fit into a 465 pages.

A Very Stable Genius doesn’t get too bogged-down in the minutiae, presenting its horror tale of an administration in a fleet and readable presentation. So many wrong things happen in these pages. Remember Michael Flynn, the president’s first national security advisor? Guy straight-up lied to the FBI. Now, in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, Trump is thinking about pardoning him. Rucker and Leonnig explain that Obama warned Trump about Flynn. But for a man who prefers hunches over stone-cold facts, he brushed aside his predecessor’s advice.

Q: Guess who once said this to his advisers in the Pentagon: “You’re all losers, you don’t know how to win anymore. You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”

A : That’s fucking right.

If you’ve been glued to the news, there isn’t much new in A Very Stable Genius you didn’t know already. If seeing Trump look bad in one handy volume is something that makes you happy, look no further. Sadly, the people who should read A Very Stable Genius won’t ever look at it. They’d rather listen to the liars on Fox News bloviate about fake news. Sorry, but who the hell calls himself a very stable genius anyway?

More than anything else, this book will leave you angry. Hopefully, that fury will shift to action and you will help get Trump and all his cronies in the Senate voted out of office in the fall. Someday, maybe 100 years from now (if we survive this latest crisis), A Very Stable Genius will serve as a good primer about what happens when you elect a boorish prig who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. It’s a valuable book, but for a lot of us, now just isn’t the time.

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