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Jessie Ware: What’s Your Pleasure: The Platinum Pleasure

If you haven’t heard it already, Jessie Ware’s album, What’s Your Pleasure, is outstanding. And just to really drive the point home more, she’s rereleased the album as What’s Your Pleasure: The Platinum Pleasure with seven new tracks and a remix of “Adore You,” pushing the album to nearly 90 minutes across all 20 tracks. Stripping the cover art of color and giving the background a metallic look, the full album really feels like a complete package, the culmination of a style and sound that Ware produced so effortlessly.

Recorded from 2018 to 2020 and after the birth of her second child, it came out just three months after the initial chaos of the pandemic. With the likes of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica and fellow Brit Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, the album never got the treatment it deserved at clubs and summer festivals, making the re-release all the more worthwhile. Instead, she, like so many other musicians, got creative and performed the singles for television in her home. Despite the pandemic and wonky release, the album secured her a nomination for Album of the Year at the Brit Awards, though it ultimately went to Lipa’s.

The album has a very cohesive style blended throughout with heavy influence from disco and electropop, even integrating genres of soul and R&B. The songs flow from one to the next easily, with Ware’s breathy voice dancing alongside the beats. It’s unbelievably smooth, her voice fitting with the music fluidly, one never dominating or drowning out the other.

The re-release tracks, disc two on the physical version of the album, begins with “Please,” where she hopes the one with whom she’s locked eyes with stays dancing with her. The beat is synthesized, layered with “aye aye aye”s and faint keyboards. “Impossible” follows, picking up the pace as she talks of her inability to leave her partner. “You’re the ghost in my head I don’t wanna see,” she sings.

She opens the track “Eyes Closed” with the lyric “The future has already happened/ Mixing chemistry with magic,” which helps emphasize the otherworldly feel to the album. Her songwriting style is often vague, with lyrics like “We just keep the feeling/ Everybody’s sleeping” on “Overtime” or on “In Your Eyes” where she sings “There were butterflies moving in the light/ They were justified every single time.” There is no certain person the songs seem to be centered around, no breakup or new love, instead imagery and ideas of lights, love and stars make out the lyrics.

On the first portion of the album, “Adore You” falls exactly halfway through and stands out as the absolute highlight. Starting with an almost glimmering beat, the song progresses becoming both a song to listen to fall asleep or to dance to in a nightclub. She speaks various words and phrases – “snap back,” “react” “lean in” – that give the listener final directions as to how to move to the music before the long outro full of breathy oohs and ahhs. The “Adore You (Endless Remix)” concludes the second disc of the album a collaboration with singer Bibi Zhou and producer/DJ Sihan. The new version disassembles the original structure of the track adding in distorted synthesizers and a verse in Chinese. It’s a pretty remix, though the pounding repetition of the original’s chorus that made it the highlight is taken out.

The title track has a deeper beat, also layered with vocalizing as she sings of a love too hot to handle. On “Step Into My Life” she and another move and step in harmony, the two becoming one, along horns and distant strings. And on the final track of the original album, “Remember Where You Are,” a cinematic opening guides the listener into an anthemic chorus where she sings of the heart of the city catching fire. In reality, Ware is on fire and listeners are nearly unable to peel themselves away as she drifts from one song to the next without a misstep.

On the re-release of her last album What’s Your Pleasure, Jessie Ware completes the package with the second disc, The Platinum Pleasure, a worthwhile addition to an already groovy, effortlessly smooth album.
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Smooth and effortless
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